Museum lighting solution

Museum Quality Light
Sprite X1 Sprite in museum cabinets.
1W, consecutive beam angle zoom 8°~25,
brilliant revivifying of art and history inside the museum cabinets
High CRI
2 step MacAdam
Triod optical system
No flicker
No flicker
360°x135° rotation
Group dimming
Patent-designed Sprite X1 museum cabinet lights, 1W slim size, still equipped with creative consecutive beam angle zoom 8°~25°, by tuning the front loop, can realize light type conversion in a second, fitting different lighting requirement perfectly. Sprite X1 cabinet lights adopt museum class LED chips and advanced intelligent lighting control system, offer stand mounting, surface mounting and recessed mounting, satisfy the most strict lighting requirements for the museums and art galleries.

Wattage: 1W
Beam angle: zoom 8°~25°
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Luminous flux: 95lm~105lm
Installation method: stand mounting, surface mounting, recessed mounting.
Color: black
Housing: machining aluminum alloy, anodized.
Rotation & tilt: 360° rotation, 135°/90°tilt.
Control mode: Group dimming.
Brightness control range: 0-100%.
Replaceable LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, SDCM with 2 step MacAdam, precision zoom optical structure, LED life span over 50000 hours.
New ideas, beyond the limit!
Free height adjusting, 360°x135° rotation
The stand mounting method of Sprite X1 museum cabinet light is specially designed for the three-dimensional lighting of museum independent exhibition cabinet. The height is free to rise and fall, the vertical rotation of 45°+90°, the horizontal rotation of 360°.
Zoom 8°~25°, satisfy flexible lighting designs
By tuning the front loop, Sprite X1 museum cabinet light realizes consecutive beam angle zoom from 8°~25° to fit various sizes of exhibits perfectly. The deeply built-in optical structure collects almost all the light beams and concentrate on the exhibits, extremely reduces the spilt light.
Friendly protection of valuable arts
No infrared ray, no UV
The infrared rays and UV rays contained in traditional light sources will do harm to the exhibits. The spectrum of museum grade LED adopted by AKZU does not contain infrared rays and UV rays, can protect the light sensitive cultral and art exhibits well and create a comfortable atmosphere for the visitors.
1W with dia. 20mm, length 38mm,
stand mounting, surface mounting and recessed mounting
Patent designed Sprite X1 LED cabinet lighting can provide stand mounting, surface mounting and recessed mounting, satisfy various exhibition design requirements for museum and art gallery.
Surface anodized treatment
Reduce veiling glare
Sprite cabinet lights adopt anodized treatment on the aluminum alloy surface, bring out rough, texture, durable, and avoid the reflection influence of veiling glare of the surroundings.
Recreation of original color
High CRI, freedom from Binning
Sprite cabinet lights adopt world advanced CRI 95 LEDs, the color temperature keeps a high degree of consistency, eliminating the chromatic aberration to the maximum extent, making the exhibits more pure, saturated and thorough in color, reproducing the brilliance of history and art, and fully improving the display effect.
Four direction vertical correction, vertically straight installation
The vertical rectification structural components of Sprite X1 initiated by AKZU ensure that each light is installed vertically straight inside cabinets by adjusting the height in four directions, and push the exhibition design of the museum cabinet to the extreme.
Zoom 8°~25°
Zoom 8°~25°
Spot 16°
Slim size, consecutive beam angle zoom 8°~25°
Patent-designed Sprite X1 museum cabinet lights, 1W slim size, still equipped with creative consecutive beam angle zoom 8°~25°, by tuning the front loop, can realize light type conversion in a second, fitting different lighting requirement perfectly, are the best choice for museum cabinets and art gallery showcases.
Modular driving device, double protection.
Sprite series display cabinet lamps are equipped with modular driving devices to ensure the efficient and stable work of lamps, prolong the service life of lamps, and greatly reduce the electromagnetic radiation of power supply, so that you can use more assured. The device is equipped with fast connectors, so that the installation is faster and safer.

Flexible expansion on driver
Safe and readily
The driver box for Sprite cabinet light equips with multiple ports of output series branch box, providing convenient, safe and friendly application. The branch box divides the main line into many branches for multiple Sprite cabinet lights, and realizes grouped dimming for multiple lights.
Group dimming,
Smooth, stable, no flicker
Sprite X1 cabinet lights are equipped with modular driver device, realize 0-100% linear and smooth group dimming, enabling free adjustment according to different cabinet lighting requirements.
Sprite X1/X2/X3, 1W/2W/6W
precise lighting distribution, satisfy various lighting requirements
Wattage ranging from 1W to 6W, beam angle varying from Direct spot 6° to Oval flood 54°x24°, wallwash, and creative consecutive beam angle zoom 6°~25°, 8°~25°, AKZU Sprite museum cabinet lights satisfy the cabinet lighting requirements for the museums and art galleries perfectly with advanced light system, reveal impressive charm of precious relics and arts.
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