Museum lighting solution

Museum Quality Light
Essential tools for museum lighting
Quick mode for museum lighting planning
1 kind of appearance, 3 kinds of wattage, 8 kinds of light types,
anti-glare slides, barn doors, filters, compacted constant torsion hinge bracket.
High CRI
2 step MacAdam
Triod optical system
Interchange-able principal lens
Light type guidelines
No flicker
Different housing colors
360°x90° rotation
With dimmer
Anti-glare slides
Barn doors
Tracron M4 museum tracklight, highly integrated, focuses on the needs of quick lighting planning for exhibition space under 4 meters. Consistent with AKZU's patented interchangeable principal lens component, it achieves "one lamp for multi-purpose", one appearance, three wattages, eight light types, anti-glare slides, barn doors, filters, compacted constant torsion hinge bracket, which provides a more flexible, convenient and economical choice for the museum lighting. Solid design, integrated with the contemporary style of architectural space, Tracron M4 is an efficient tool for museums and art galleries.

Wattage: 12W, 14W, 20W
Beam angle: Spot 6°, 9°, 15°, Flood 26°, 47°, 54°x24°, 24°x54° and Wallwash.
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Luminous flux: 820lm~1710lm
Color: white, black.
Housing and bracket: cast aluminum, powder-coated.
Front cover: new PC + glass fiber
Rotation & tilt: 0°-90° tilt, bracket rotatable through 360°.
Adapter: 3-circuit.
Control mode: DALI, with dimmer.
Brightness control range: 0-100%.
Interchangeable principal lens: Between Direct spot 6° and Narrow spot 9°, or among Spot 15°, Flood 26°, Flood 47°, 54°x24°, 24°x54° and Wallwash.
Replaceable LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, SDCM with 2 step MacAdam, collimating DAO, Viva lens, LED life span over 50000 hours.
Highly integrated, concise design
Tracron M4 museum tracklight, focuses on the needs of quick lamp routing for exhibition space under 4 meters. Consistent with AKZU's patented interchangeable principal lens component, it achieves "one lamp multi-purpose", one appearance, three wattages, eight light types, anti-glare screen, light shield, compacted constant torsion hinge bracket, which provides a more flexible, convenient and economical choice for the museum lighting.
One light, multiple purposes, easy light type conversion
When the exhibition is reopened, it always brings a lot of work, especially when the current lighting design is not suitable for the new exhibition. Tracron M4 continues to equip with the groundbreaking design of principal lens component, as well as clear light type angle marking, enables free and prefect conversion of flexible light types.
Light type identification
Exquisite style experience
The light type mark provides clear recognition on different light types, cooperating with replaceable principal lens structure, realizes easy and convenient light type conversion according to different lighting design requirements.
Direct spot 6°
Direct spot 6°
Narrow spot 9°
Spot 15°
Flood 26°
Broad flood 47°
Oval flood 54°x24°
Oval flood 24°x54°
The innovative optical structure can provide concentrating lighting with direct spot, spot, flood light types, as well as vertical lighting like floodlighting and wallwashing. One light with the principal lens component realizes 6 kinds of light type conversion and fulfills the museum lighting designs flexibly, largely reduces around 80% lighting fixture reserve.
Reliable design, reliable application
AKZU always pursues solid and reliable design. Patented design of compact bracket ensues more stable and durable application and frequent positioning adjustment.
Precise DAO lens
95% + light utility ratio
AKZU's patented DAO lens, equaling to the precise optical lens, can collect almost all of the LED light, accurately collimate the beams to parallel directions, and significantly increase the light utilization rate and the possibility to control the light to various beam angles.
CRI 95
Museum quality light
Tracron museum track lights comprehensively meet the critical requirements of museum lighting and are the best choice of museum track lighting fixtures: world class LEDs, CRI 95+, high consistency of light color temperature, precise light distribution control, DALI compatible.

Tracron museum track lights present delicately the true details and colors of the precious antiques and artworks, are especially suitable for led track lighting for museums, art museum and galleries.
High consistency of light color temperature
2 step MacAdam
AKZU applies the world class LED, the correlated color temperature is tightly controlled within 2 step MacAdam, effectively guarantees the high consistency of the light color, and brings out ultimate accurate and true color of great antiques, heritages and fine arts.
Uniform lighting, eliminate spill light,
smooth halo retreating
With reasonable distribution of beam angle light intensity and maximum central light intensity, the light spot of Tracron track spotlights transits naturally and smoothly, halo retreating perfectly.
Comprehensive optical design creates well-distributed light spot, bring peaceful and perfect visual experience without spill light.
0-100% smooth dimming,
Accurate brightness control.
Equipped with built-in dimming function, Tracron M4 track lights realize 0-100% linear and smooth dimming, ensuring flexible control on the brightness according to different lighting requirements for various exhibition materials and design purposes.
Triod optical system
Brand new ideas, brand new technology
The creative and optimized Triod optical system by AKZU, makes a breakthrough on traditional mode for LED light distribution. Firstly, the LED chips with advanced technology complete well-balanced distribution. Secondly, by using precise optical components with 95% above light transmission rate, Triod system maximally utilizes and controls every beam of LED, reduces spilt light. Finally, the replaceable principal lens control the ultimate beam angle and light type, realize the most optimized lighting distribution.
Dimming tuner on the reverse side, Operation comfort
The important change applied on Tracron M4 museum track lights is to position the dimming tuner at the reverse side of the light. This design reasonably avoids hand blocking of the light, and accords more with human engineering principle.
Precision scale, precision lighting
The precision scale enables the accurate adjustments of the beam angle, and ensures the high consistency of lighting directions in the entire space.
Multi-angle illumination, vivid lighting effect
Tracron M4 art museum spotlights, realize free adjustment 360° horizontally and 90° vertically, can position at any direction and meet all directions illumination, flexibly meet different lighting design requirements for museums and art galleries.
DALI intelligence lighting system
Energy-saving control and professional protection on precious exhibits
The DALI protocol is the most advanced open asynchrony serial digital communication protocol in world so far. Tracron M4 track spotlight is the most advanced luminaire which applied DALI intelligence control mode firstly. Through system programming, DALI protocol permits luminaires to be individually addressed and realizes linear control of brightness, color temperature and color. You can set up different scenes, scheduled task, energy monitor through computer or other mobile terminal, like smart-phone, iPad and so on.

DALI system not only can help saving more energy, but also intelligently control the light exposure, is now widely used for protecting light sensitive cultural and art exhibits.
Tracron M4 + Dux A4
Enrich the exhibition creativity
Diversity of space lighting is one of the important means to enrich the exhibition of museums and galleries. Tracron M4, applied together with Dux A4, fully presents overall situation and details, immerses in history and features art, let the audience feel the deeper and richer connotation of precious cultural relics and works of art.
Various accessories, anti-glare slides, barn doors, filters, light control components.
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