Museum lighting solution

Museum Quality Light
Sprite X4 museum cabinet wallwasher
Minimalist pure encountering with precision optics,
makes unique museum cabinet wallwash lighting simple.
High CRI
2 step MacAdam
Triod optical system
No flicker
Group dimming
AKZU Sprite X4 recessed cabinet wallwasher is specially designed for museum high cabinet, open cabinet (painting cabinet) wall washing lighting. Its unique wedge structure and 60°depth anti-glare design make the whole exhibition cabinet space extremely simple. At the same time, it makes the implementation of museum wall washing lighting system simpler and more guaranteed by its own 30° inclination angle and simple 0.8 lamp spacing/wall spacing ratio. Sprite X4 makes the facade of exhibition cabinet wall uniform, transparent and shining, no matter it is plane painting or painting exhibits or background instructions, are clearly and comfortably presented. Advanced intelligent dimming function can realize the gradual increase of illumination when the audience moves to the front of the exhibition cabinet, while when there is no audience, it can be lowered to a low illumination state, which saves energy and protects cultural relics. AKZU Sprite X4 recessed cabinet wallwasher is the professional choice of museum exhibition cabinet background lighting and painting cabinet wall washing lighting.

Wattage: 6W
Beam angle: Wallwash
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Luminous flux: 510lm~570lm
Installation method: recessed mounting
Color: black, white
Housing: cast aluminium, powder-coated.
Control mode: Group dimming.
Brightness control range: 0-100%.
Replaceable LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, SDCM with 2 step MacAdam, collimating DAO lens, LED life span over 50000 hours.
Fixed 30° projection angle, simple and effective.
Sprite X4 recessed wallwasher is specially designed for museum exhibition cabinets. As long as the installation is planned and the location is reasonable, the illumination can be parallel and coherent, and the wall-washing effect can be uniform. Rectangular light outlet, unique optical design solve the problem of splicing discontinuity on the left and right directions, bring out satisfactory wallwashing effect and save great effort.
Bright cabinet achieves overnight
Sprite X4 is designed basing on study on a large number of open cabinet (painting cabinet) space and lighting needs, using a unique three-polarization optics, combined with integrated optical structure. After a simple calculation,lighting designer can determine the number and location of installation, clear and bright museum open cabinets without glare immediately present.
Wedge recessed integrated design, heat exhausted out of the exhibition cabinet.
Precise wedge structure design, unique parting mode, optical and heat dissipation lamp body casting, greatly increasing the heat dissipation surface in limited volume, so that the heat of lamps can be discharged to the outside of the exhibition cabinet, effectively reducing the temperature inside the cabinet, helping to maintain the constant temperature and humidity micro-environment of cabinets.
50° shading,
comprehensive non-glare design.
Scientific setting of the initial physical inclination, strict control of the scope of light exposure, while adding 5mm back eaves, the shading angle of X4 to the viewer direction is close to 50°, completely eliminating the glare.
0.8 lamp spacing/wall spacing ratio, 50cm short installation distance from lamp to exhibition wall.
Sprite X4 supports the wall-washing distance of 50CM mininum. The distance between lamps and exhibition walls increases with the increase of the wall height. The lamp spacing is 0.8 times that between lamps and walls. The layout of the wall-washing lighting arrangement for exhibition cabinets becomes very simple. For example, when the lamp is installed 60CM away from the wall, the lamp spacing is 60CM x 0.8 = 48CM, and the exhibition cabinet will achieve the ideal wall washing effect.

installation distance to front wall = A
lamp spacing = B

Easy and convenient recessed installation,
Fitting 1-20mm cabinet ceiling.
After many tests, the thickness and material of the elastic structure are finally determined. The appropriate structure and size, make the installation so easy, even one hand can manage it. The projection structure design of the elastic structure bending ensures that the lamp can be firmly mounted on 1mm plate.
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