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Museum Quality Light
Dux A3 fine art projector
Powerful precision projector with minimal proportions for accurate lighting of cabinets and exhibition spaces up to 3m in galleries and museums.
Noctix high efficiency lens
Precise beam shaping
Light type guidelines
No flicker
360°X270° rotation
With dimmer
Dux A3 fine art projector is designed for precise lighting of museum exhibition space within 3 meters and cultural relics in exhibition cabinet. With M3's delicate size and precise high transparency optical lens, weighing only 550g, Dux A3 has 12W wattage and beam angles of 12°, 19° and 36°. It can provide customized precise lighting for exbihits in low-space display space of museums and galleries, such as crowns, jades, bronzes, coins, small paintings and calligraphy, etc.

Wattage: 12W
Beam angle: Max 12°, Max 19°, Max 36°
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Luminous flux: 1240lm~1310lm
Color: White, black
Housing and bracket: cast aluminium, powder-coated.
Rotation & tilt: 0°-270° tilt, bracket rotatable through 360°.
Adapter: 3-circuit,
Control mode: DALI, with dimmer.
Brightness control range: 5-100%.
Replaceable LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, collimating Noctix lens, LED life span over 50000 hours.
Dux A3 fine art projector
Focus on the fine details.
Dux A3 fine art projector is designed for precise lighting of precious exhibits cabinets and exhibition spaces up to 3m. With its minimal proportions and lightweight, high transparency optical lens, Dux A3 weighs only 550g with 12W of power and beam angles of 12º, 19º and 36º, making it the perfect solution for accurate lighting of small artworks and artefacts such as jewellery, precious stones and metals, coins, calligraphy and small paintings.
Vivid presentation for pearls as small as 1cm
and paintings as large as 1m.
A traditional projection lamp is 30cm or longer in length making it a dominate fixture in an exhibition space below 3m. In contrast, the Dux A3 is only 12cm in length. Its refined proportions allow it to integrate seamlessly into low height spaces while its high quality optical system, with 12º, 19º and 36º beam angles, ensure the vivid presentation of the smallest artefacts up to artworks as large as 1m.
Accurate and focused lighting for multiple material artefacts and cultural relics.
Many historical artefacts are made up of a variety of materials which require varying levels of light. For example, the historical crown is made from silk, gold and raw gemstones. Aged silk is highly sensitive to light and therefore the light needs to be adjusted below 50 lux. In contrast gemstones need high lux to highlight their brilliance. The Dux A3 contour projector can provide precise lighting and focus control for gemstones, accurately presenting their true color while at the same time protecting the surrounding materials.
Label lighting in full dark environment
The Dux A3 fine art projector adopts professional optical lens design, excellent color balance and optimized lens coating, precise processing technology and ideal lens configuration, effectively avoiding the occurrence of white light dispersion, ensuring the absolute purity of the overall light color, and reproducing the artistic details.
Stable and reliable direction and projection.
The magnification of the contour projector is as high as 20 times. The slightest change in the direction of the lens can result in the displacement of the projection shape. To ensure accurate and stable beam positioning, Dux A3 fine art projector combines a high efficiency optical lens, which weighs only 120g, with a plus side axis structure.
270º vertical rotation, lighting both down and upward.
Dux A3 contour projector continues the flexible lighting solutions of the Tracron track range. The whole fixture can be rotated 360º on the horizontal axis and 270º vertically. It is suitable for exhibition spaces with both high and low height requirements. The bold and innovative design allows each art and historical detail to be perfectly framed and presented.
On-board dimming is simple, accurate and convenient
The side dimming tuner is easy to use without the need of additional tools and can achieve 5-100% linear, non-flicker dimming. The convenient dimming method helps to adjust the illumination accurately, ensuring that the illuminance levels meet the museum lighting safety standards while maintaining the illumination uniformity of the entire space.
Lens type bayonet structure, convenient replacement.
Dux A3 museum contour projector uses the bayonet fixture, ensures the easy replacement of optical components. In addition to the standard 20X optical lens module, there is another 10X lens module optional, so that contour projector can adjust the projection distance on demand, far or near.
Precise beam shaping with square/trapezoid adjustment.
The Dux A3 contour projector has adopted aperture diaphragm imaging technology. The aperture size can be manually adjusted according to the requirements, ensuring accurate beam shaping for precise framing of artworks and artefacts.
Light contour area
Noctix high power collimating lens, converging light.
AKZU patented Noctix high-power collimating lens, powerful structure and optical design, maximizes the light from high-power LED chips into quasi-parallel beams, and efficiently passes through the diaphragm and imaging lens to accurately projecting the artworks in museums and galleries.
High color rendering
With high uniformity light quality and CRI up to 95, Dux A3 contour projector brings out pure, smooth, saturated, comfortable and penetrating light, and revivify the original colors
faithfully, revealing more natural, richer artistic details.
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