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Dux A5 art museum contour projector
Shape the art.
Projecting the paintings, not the walls. Distance from 4M to 10M, beam angle from 12°, 18°, 29° to 39°, there is always the accurate one you need.
Noctix high efficiency lens
Precise beam shaping
Light type guidelines
No flicker
360°X90° rotation
With dimmer
Dux A5 fine art projector, also called professional art museum contour projector, gallery contour spotlight, and equiluminous art gallery projector. Dux A5 is designed for accurate lighting of fine art works, adopts a brand new lighting mode, high transparency optical lens and advanced optical aperture imaging technology. It realizes precise projection, which gives the static art exhibition vivid vitality, looking like in self luminous, tremendous exhibits in the air, perfectly present the essence of art.

Wattage: 28W
Beam angle: Max 12°, Max 18°, Max 28°, Max 39°, square, round, logo, gobo
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Luminous flux: 2800lm~3200lm
Color: black
Housing and bracket: cast aluminium, powder-coated.
Rotation & tilt: 0°-90° tilt, bracket rotatable through 360°.
Adapter: 3-circuit.
Control mode: DALI, with dimmer.
Brightness control range: 0-100%.
Replaceable LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, collimating Noctix lens, LED life span over 50000 hours.

Brand new lighting mode, perfect presentation of art essence.
Dux A5 perfectly interprets the rich colors and fine details of precious historical relics and art, provides endless convenience and possibility for top lighting fields such as museums and art galleries, provides strong support for the realization of incomparable creativity for museum curatorial and art gallery curatorial.
Projecting the paintings, not the walls.
Brand new lighting mode, advanced optical imaging, technology, no glare, no leakage, no stray light, Dux A5 helps attracting all the attention of the audience to the artistic atmosphere of the art works, and achieve precise projection on the canvas, giving the static art exhibits fresh vitality. Floating pictures, perfect presentation of the essence of art.
More than 90% uniformity
Cutting-edge technology on gallery art lighting
Devoted to museum and art gallery lighting research, adhered to creative responsibility, combining advanced lighting technology with visual sense perfectly, Dux A5 art museum contour projecter, gallery contour spotlight, brings enjoyable experience with innovative optical design.

Dux A5 contour projectors ensure projecting silhouettge with more than 90% illuminance uniformity by applying well-designed lighting structure and accurate lighting control, perfectly portray the artworks, creat the utmost artistic enjoyment.
Clear frame sharpness without color dispersion
Adopting professional optical lens design, with excellent color balance, optimized lens coating technology, precision processing technic, and ideal lens collocation, Dux A5 art museum contour projector effectively avoids white light dispersion, represents colorful art faithfully.
Dux A5
Other brands
Precisely beam shaping, square/trapezoid adjustment
Adopting aperture diaphragm imaging technique, Dux A5 gallery projector realizes creative lighting mode, brings perfect exhibition performance through flexible manual adjustment on diaphragm to fit the painting frame.
Light contour area
Quick rotary focusing, ultrathin diaphragm,
Distortionless sharp edge line
Based on precisely rotary focusing, with optimized lens group and high qualified optical coating glass, Dux A5 art gallery contour spotlight shapes quickly with ultrathin diaphragm. It ensures precise and flexible adjustment on focusing ring to project distortionless sharp image line and patterns.
Dux A5
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Lens type bayonet structure, convenient replacement
Dux A5 museum contour projector uses the bayonet fixture, ensures the easy replacement of optical components. In addition to the standard 20X optical lens module, there is another 10X lens module optional, so that contour projector can adjust the projection distance on demand, far or near.
2 Step MacAdam, CRI 95+,
High uniformity of illuminance
To guarantee accurate color temperature and the high consistency of the light color in the exhibition room, create visual enjoyable historic and art space, Dux A5 equiluminous art gallery projector applies the world class LED with correlated color temperature within 2 step MacAdam, brings out ultimate accurate and true color of precious arts.
Dux A5
Other brands
CRI 95+, revealing more details
With Color Rendering Index 95+ and excellent chromatogram distribution, Dux A5 art museum contour projecter, gallery contour spotlight, reproduces the original color with pure, clean and high saturate light, presenting more plentiful spectrum and natural detail of historic antiques and arts.
Noctix high power collimating lens
Patented Noctix lens maximumly collimate the beams, effectively project accurate light onto art exhibits through diaphragm and image-forming lens.
No glare,
No spilt light,
No stray light.
Pure style exhibitions need dark environment in order to get all attentions focus on the exhibits. Dux A5 art museum contour projectors maximumly collect the light beam, cooperating with precisely designed optical system and precision optical lens, fully control the lights, achieve optimized light distribution with no glare, no spilt light and no stray light.
Anti-glare system
Zoom system
Optical-mechanical system
Advanced optics technology
High lighting efficiency
Applying world class professional LED with accurate color temperature, and high lighting efficiency, combining the innovative optical structure design, Dux A5 gallery projector fully develops the light efficiency. Soft and smooth brightness with 50Lux can be achieved when projecting from 10m away.
Dux A5 contour projector
Precision optics for art museum lighting.
Elegant black housing and optical module, Dux A5 art museum contour projector presents artistic and powerful strength, and fits different types of lighting spaces harmoniously.
Superior anti-glare control
Lights overflowing quietly through specially-designed anti-glare cover, Dux A5 art gallery led contour spotlight brings more powerful visual impact. Only useful light is reserved to work for creating elegant space, helping the lighting designers to create stunning visual comfort and realize their professional vision. Visitors concentrate on the art painting and forget where the light come from.
Flexible replacing diaphragm component: Square, Round, Logo and Gobo
With unlimited convenience and possibility for museum and art gallery lighting design, Dux A5 detachable connection with ingenious designed clamping structure, can change to various light types easily: square, round, logo or gobo.
Built-in smooth dimmer, optimally coordinate with art
With built-in dimming function, no need to be connected to the intelligent system, Dux A5 can achieve 0-100% linear, non-flicker dimming. You only need to slightly rotate the dimmer, then you can accurately adjust the brightness of lamps to achieve ideal illumination according to the lighting demands of different museums and art galleries.
Fasten the direction by spiral locker
Adopted with high elasticity compressing structure, the spiral fastener device on Dux A5 increases damping, Makes it easier to lock and orient the contour projector stably at required directions.
DALI intelligence lighting system
Energy-saving control and professional protection on precious exhibits
The DALI protocol is the most advanced open asynchrony serial digital communication protocol in world so far. Dux fine art projector is the most advanced luminaire which applied DALI intelligence control mode firstly. Through system programming, DALI protocol permits luminaires to be individually addressed and realizes linear control of brightness, color temperature and color. You can set up different scenes, scheduled task, energy monitor through computer or other mobile terminal, like smart-phone, iPad and so on.

DALI system not only can help saving more energy, but also intelligently control the light exposure, is now widely used for protecting light sensitive cultural and art exhibits.
Eco friendly design
Focus on environmental protection
We not only care about the appearance and performance of products, but also the influence on environment and customers. Every part in AKZU product is approved by RoHS and the packing materials are recyclable.
RoHS approved
Pb/Hg/Cd free
Recyclable packing
Cr 6+ free
PBB free
PBDES free
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