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Museum Quality Light
Sprite X2 museum cabinet lights
2W, beam angle varying from Spot 16° to Oval flood 54°x24°, and creative consecutive beam angle zoom 6°~25°,
History and art in the museum cabinets are vividly reproduced!
High CRI
2 step MacAdam
Triod optical system
Anti-glare slides
Multiple light types
No flicker
360°x90° rotation
Group dimming
With dimmer
AKZU Sprite X2 museum cabinet lights, 2W, beam angle varying from Spot 16°, Flood 26°, Oval flood 54°x24°, Oval flood 24°x54°, and creative consecutive beam angle zoom 6°~25°, provide flexible solutions for lighting designs for different exhibits and cabinets. Sprite X2 adopts world's leading high-power and high-efficiency light output LED chip with pure light saturation, equips with advanced intelligent lighting control system, offer surface mounting, recessed mounting and track mounting, satisfies the most strict lighting requirements for the museums and art galleries, and perfectly reveal impressive charm of precious antiques and arts with advanced optical system.

Wattage: 2W
Beam angle: Spot 16°, Flood 26°, 54°x24°, 24°x54°, and zoom 6°~25°
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Luminous flux: 170lm~190lm
Installation method: surface mounting, recessed mounting and track mounting.
Color: black
Housing: machining aluminum alloy, anodized.
Rotation & tilt: 360° rotation, 90°tilt.
Adapter: 1-circuit, can adapt to various types of tracks.
Control mode: Group dimming, with dimmer.
Brightness control range: 0-100%.
Replaceable LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, SDCM with 2 step MacAdam, collimating DAO and precision zoom optical structure, LED life span over 50000 hours.
2W, 220lm, High CRI
Multiple beam angles
With the world museum-class high-power and high-efficiency light output LED chip, ultra-high color rendering, precise light control technology, with dimmer, each design of Sprite X2 is created to focus precious exhibits at close range, especially in the 0.5-2m high exhibition cabinet, each highlight and detail of the exhibits are displayed without omission.
With dimmer and group dimming, control exposure more precisely, better protection of cultural relics.
Museum exhibits are very precious. Most exhibits are sensitive to light exposure. The annual exposure of these exhibits must be strictly controlled. Sprite X2 museum cabinet light provides control mode of both with dimmer and group dimming, can accurately control and adjust each lamp in order to achieve the optimal illumination level and protect of precious cultural relics.
Environment-friendly light source
The spectrum of museum grade LED adopted by AKZU does not contain infrared rays and UV rays, can well-protect the exhibits, like ceramic pottery, animal specimen, dentale, hornwork and jewellery, etc. Sprite museum cabinet lights with the environmental-friendly light source create a comfortable visual experience for the visitors and are specially suitable for museum showcase lighting.
Flexible installation methods for changing display cases light planning
Sprite X2 cabinet lights support customization for Nd magnet surface mounting and recessed mounting, to fit different cut-out size and cooperate with diverse light plannings for museum cabinets and art museum display cases.
High CRI 95
High color expressiveness
With high uniformity light quality and Color Rendering Index up to 95, Sprite museum cabinet lights bring out pure, smooth, saturated, comfortable and penetrating light, and revivify the original colors faithfully, revealing more details of precious antiques and arts.
Triod optical system
Precise light control
Effective Focus on Exhibits
The creative and optimized Triod optical system by AKZU, makes a breakthrough on traditional mode for LED light distribution. Firstly, the LED chips with advanced technology complete well-balanced distribution. Secondly, by using precise optical components with 95% above light transmission rate, Triod system maximally utilizes and controls every beam of LED, reduces spilt light. Finally, the replaceable principal lens control the ultimate beam angle and light type, realize the most optimized lighting distribution.
Zoom 6°~25°
Zoom 6°~25°
Spot 16°
Flood 26°
Oval flood 54°x24°
Marvelous lighting types, flexible for exhibition design
Benefit from AKZU creative lighting research, Sprite X2 showcase lights apply advanced precision optical components, realize various lighting types of Spot 16°, Flood 26°, Oval flood 54°x24°, and creative zoom 6°~25°, are especially suitable for museum display lighting.
Precision design of lens type,
Excellent performance
The design concept and elements of German precision lens are integrated into the industrial design of AKZU Sprite series museum display cabinet lamps. The purpose is to provide the ultimate and consistent visual enjoyment for the museum display cabinet lighting and the gallery display cabinet lighting, and to present the museum's precious cultural relics and the immortal historical value of art at close range.
2nd generation principal lens,
perfect anti-glare control, comfortable visual experience
The 2nd generation principal lens have applied special optical materials and developed optimized microstructure design, can lessen the spill light, guarantee the light precisely directing to the designed range and bring soft and comfortable visual experience. Sprite museum cabinet lights present more natural and accurate details of precious exhibits, fully promote the display effect for museums, art museum and galleries.
Precise DAO lens
High light utility ratio
AKZU's patented DAO lens, equaling to the precise optical lens, can collect almost all of the LED light, accurately collimate the beams to parallel directions, and significantly increase the light utilization rate and the possibility to control the light to various beam angles.
Unique anti-glare structure,
More visual comfort
The unique anti-glare structure of Sprite X2 cabinet lights utilize professional precision lens technology, accurately control the light distribution, lessen the spilt light, well distribute the illuminance and provide more visual comfort. Visitors can focus on the fine details of the exhibits.
Elaborate techniques
Comparable to precision lens
AKZU Sprite cabinet lights are manufactured by high speed precise CNC, every single detail is considered and carefully treated, accord with the precious arts and are quite suitable for museum display case design and showcase design.
2W, slim size,
specially for 0.5-2m museum cabinets
Concise and exquisite industrial design, powerful optical system, Sprite X2 museum cabinet lights, 2W, dia. 40mm x 54mm, specially for 0.5-2m museum cabinets, provide multiple mounting methods, accurate light distribution and various beam angles, are specially suitable for cabinets with height of 0.5-2m.
Surface anodized treatment
Reduce veiling glare
Sprite cabinet lights adopt anodized treatment on the aluminum alloy surface, bring out rough, texture, durable, and avoid the reflection influence of veiling glare of the surroundings.
Optional surfacing mounting, recessed mounting, track mounting
Customization support
Patent designed Sprite X2 showcase lights have flexible mounting methods, surface mounting, track lighting and
recessed mounting, satisfy different exhibition lighting design requirements for museum and art gallery.

Customization supported for special lighting designs, more convenient for museums and galleries to upgrade and renovate the lighting of exhibition cabinets.
surface mounting
track lighting
recessed mounting
Surface mounting with magnet technology,
Easy and convenient
Surface mounting applies the permanent magnet technology. It is quite easy to install Sprite cabinet lights at the bottom or on the top of museum cabinets, only 6-10mm ceiling cut-out is required.

Customization on magnetic base is supported. It largely improves the operation comfort and the flexibility of cabinet lighting and museum display case design.
Modular driving device, double protection.
Sprite series display cabinet lamps are equipped with modular driving devices to ensure the efficient and stable work of lamps, prolong the service life of lamps, and greatly reduce the electromagnetic radiation of power supply, so that you can use more assured. The device is equipped with fast connectors, so that the installation is faster and safer.
Flexible expansion on driver
Safe and readily
The driver box for Sprite cabinet light equips with multiple ports of output series branch box, providing convenient, safe and friendly application. The branch box divides the main line into many branches for multiple Sprite cabinet lights, and realizes grouped dimming for multiple lights.
Sprite X1/X2/X3, 1W/2W/6W
precise lighting distribution, satisfy various lighting requirements
Wattage ranging from 1W to 6W, beam angle varying from Direct spot 6° to Oval flood 54°x24°, wallwash, and creative consecutive beam angle zoom 6°~25°, 8°~25°, AKZU Sprite museum cabinet lights satisfy the cabinet lighting requirements for the museums and art galleries perfectly with advanced light system, reveal impressive charm of precious relics and arts.
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