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Museum Quality Light
Sprite X11 Linear Cabinet Light
“Zero Glare", continuous and uniform flat lighting for museum cabinet.
High CRI
2 step MacAdam
quick access port
No flicker
360° vertical adjustment
Group dimming
Shade casing component
AKZU Sprite X11 linear cabinet light is specially designed for the "perfect glare-free" lighting of large and medium-sized flat cabinets in museums and galleries. Extremely slim lamp body of dia. 1cm, lighting direction arbitrarily adjustable, light, thin and flat shade casing, Sprite X11 precisely controls the light and accurately projects on precious cultural relics without glare. Highly uniform and transparent light color, makes the design and implementation of museum flat cabinet lighting very simple. It is not only suitable for the flat display of large-scale plane exhibits, but also suitable for the display design of compact arrangement of multiple exhibits in flat cabinets.

Wattage: 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 21W
LED module: high-power LEDs on metal-core PCB, optical diffusion lens, LED life span over 50000 hours.
Beam angle: table washing, wallwashing.
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K, optional 2700K, 3500K, 5000K, and etc.
Color rendering index: CRI 95
Luminous flux: 660lm~1680lm
SDCM: 2 step MacAdam
Installation method: stand mounting, surface mounting, wall mounting
Rotation & tilt: 360° vertical adjustment.
Control mode: Group dimming, DALI, Phase-cut dimming, Bluetooth dimming, and etc.
Brightness control range: 0-100%.
Color: white, black, customization optional
Housing: machining aluminum alloy, anodized
“Zero Glare", with diameter of only 1cm, continuous and uniform flat lighting for museum cabinet.
Extremely slender lamp body with diameter of only 1cm, Sprite X11 may be the world's slimmest museum display cabinet light, can well hide in the exhibition cabinet space. The light, thin and light shade casing can be freely adjustable according to the viewing angle of the audience, realize non-dazzling of museum flat cabinet and table cabinet lighting.
Fibonacci helix, elegant shade casing design
The elegant shade casing, designed based on Fibonacci helix principle and adopts carbide steel and calendering technology, is only 0.3mm thin but quite straight. With dark black coating, it
adheres to the lamp body and becomes the first "hacker" to eliminate glare.
High CRI, High color expressiveness
With high uniformity and Color Rendering Index, Sprite X11 track lights bring out pure, smooth, saturated, comfortable and penetrating light, and revivify the original colors faithfully, revealing more details of precious cultural relics and arts. R1-R5 test result shows that Sprite X11 is excellent in color rendering and details revealing.
T-shaped bridge structure helps to achieve continuous lighting of super long exhibition cabinets
Unique T-shaped bridge components can be connected to the circuit to get continuous power supply for multi-segment lamp body, achieving glare-free table washing lighting of over 100 meters long exhibition cabinet, giving the audience an extremely shocking feeling.
All installation procedures are completed on the display board.
Just need to make the line hole at the exact position, fix the mounting base, the standing rod will pass through the line hole and firmly adsorb on the mounting base. You only need to make the line hole at the exact position, fix the mounting base, the standing rod will pass through the line hole and firmly adsorb on the mounting base.
High consistency of light color 2 step MacAdam
To guarantee accurate color temperature and the high consistency of the light color in the exhibition room, create visual enjoyable historic and art space, AKZU strictly selects the world class LED with correlated color temperature within 2 step MacAdam.
Multiple mounting methods
Multiple mounting methods
Highly integrated optics in such a slim space
Precise arrangement of high CRI chips, precise selection of aperture size and location, together with optical diffusion lens, Sprite X11 achieves high consistency and uniformity, forming a long and continuous optical band.
optical diffusion lens
high CRI chips
integrated material
0-100% smooth non-flicker dimming
Flexible brightness control, better lighting effect
Sprite X11 linear cabinet lights realize 0-100% linear and smooth dimming, ensuring flexible control on the brightness according to different lighting requirements for various exhibition materials and design purposes. 0-100% smooth non-flicker dimming helps to achieve ideal lighting so that visitors have the most excellent sight viewing experience.
Height customization
The height of standing rod can be customized within 70-400mm, supporting various installation methods. Sprite X11 supports a variety of installation methods, stand mounting, surface mounting and wall
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