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What is the AKZU Partner Program?
The AKZU Partner Program brings together AKZU's comprehensive lighting solutions and the best products and services from partners around the world. User requirements are at the core of everything AKZU does. In fully meeting them, AKZU recognizes the importance of working with a varied group of partners whose offerings complement AKZU's, help to sustain the environment, and enable the businesses of our users to be more successful.
AKZU Channel Partners
AKZU Channel Partners enhance our offerings to users through their industry expertise in lighting and proven sales and technical knowledge of our products and solutions. Channel partners are carefully chosen, selectively authorized companies that focus on small and medium-size organizations to improve AKZU users' long-term growth and satisfaction.

AKZU is the global museum lighting leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive lighting solutions for high end lighting fixtures. AKZU's mission is to empower its users to leverage information modeling through integrated projects for high-performing intelligent lighting system. Its solutions encompass the Dialux and 3D Max platform for infrastructure lighting design and modeling.

As the leading company dedicated to museum light quality, Bentley has created a broad range of products and solutions that our channel partners can offer to help their users design, build, and operate better performing infrastructure. Learn more about the Solutions offered by AKZU lighting solutions for sustaining architectural lighting infrastructure.

The AKZU Channel Partner Program reflects the value and importance AKZU sees in partnering with dedicated, high light quality-focused solution organizations whose business goals align with ours. Thanks to its built-in flexibility, the Channel Partner Program is able to meet unique regional needs throughout the world.

In exchange for proven architectural, engineering, construction, and geospatial sales and technical skills, we offer our partners valuable tools, sales and marketing resources, as well as top-notch training to help them improve the performance of their users' businesses and their own businesses. The infrastructure projects executed by Bentley users exemplify innovation, superior vision, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and productivity. Bentley shares the innovation in best practices among the infrastructure professionals who make these projects possible across the globe.

The benefits of the AKZU Channel Partner Program will enable our channel partners to better support AKZU users, extend their own market reach, increase opportunities, and drive more sales.
AKZU Lighting Design Partners
AKZU Lighting Design Partners are providers whose offerings complement AKZU's product lines and solutions. Partners develop products and applications that integrate with and extend AKZU offerings to address lighting needs. Developers have convenient access to information, tools, technical support, and programming resources to work more efficiently in developing and testing products. AKZU produce everything from selected images, sketch images, 
tendering profiles, product specifications, Autodesk VIZ 4, 3DS data, Autodesk MAX, DXF data, Eumumdat data and IES data.

AKZU provides essential programming information, the latest AKZU lighting fixtures, systems, and tools to help you successfully develop and test products and applications. Whether you are a new or an experienced partner, you have convenient access to support resources to help you work more efficiently. That means you reduce marketing costs and time.

AKZU users can benefit from leading-edge museum light quality lighting fixtures and system to process, display, and share this information. Our strong manufacturing capacity and technical support ensure that the best lighting solutions are available to fit users' needs and budgets.
AKZU Architectural Design Partners
AKZU has strong alliances with recognized architectural design companies whose offerings extend across a wide range of business functions and our solution areas. We focus on developing joint business plans which optimize our resources to bring innovative lighting technology and solutions to our users.

AKZU is a leading provider of museum lighting, gallery lighting and high-end fashion retail lighting fixtures and system. We align with strategic partners globally to develop alliances and deliver our lighting solutions and resources to support, acknowledge, and enable our users' growth.

Through these close relationships, AKZU and our partners offer a comprehensive portfolio of lighting solutions that is tuned and integrated to help bring lighting fixtures, intelligent lighting system, and people together. Our joint business planning process recognizes the unique contributions and resources of each partner and develops a strong go-to market strategy to enable users' success.
AKZU Projects Partners
AKZU Projects Partners are in the construction and operation of the built world. These project managers are employed by architects and engineers and become an integral part of their designs. AKZU share key product information, including dimensions, model numbers, performance data, and specifications, with these designers — either directly through AKZU website or through AKZU's Online Catalog.

The AKZU Project Partner allows AKZU to work closely with designers, engineers, owners, making their most current product information accessible to AKZU users. This product information includes model numbers, performance data, dimensions, and specifications that is conveniently available at the point of design so that busy Infrastructure professionals can quickly find the accurate and up to-date information they need.

For more detailed information for becoming our Partners, please send message to info@akzu.com, to contact our Partners support team.

To get more details, please be free to contact us immediately.

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