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Can AKZU products be controlled by DALI?
AKZU lighting fixtures are among the first LED lights in the world to use DALI intelligent lighting system. Many of AKZU products can be accessed to DALI system, such as Tracron M5, Tracron 730, Phase 710, Anglent 720, etc.
What beam angle can AKZU Tracron tracklights provide?
AKZU Tracron M5 track lights can provide Direct spot 6°, Narrow spot 9°, Spot 16°(or 15°), Flood 26°, 47°, Oval flood 54°x24°,24°x54°, and wallwash, which can flexibly meet different lighting requirements.
What is Triod?
Triod is AKZU patented optical system, which makes a breakthrough on traditional mode for LED light distribution, can achieve 95% above light transmission ratio and optimize the lighting effect.
Can AKZU provide wallwasher effect?
Yes, AKZU Phase recessed downlights can provide wallwasher effect. We are also developing on more options for diverse lighting effect.
What color rendering can AKZU provide? Can it be used for museum lighting design?
AKZU adopts the top grade LED in the world, can provide CRI 95+ product, which is most suitable for museum lighting, art museum lighting and gallery lighting, etc.
Your Sprite product is really cute, while does it have dimming function?
Yes, despite of its small size, our Sprite still has brightness control, which is really flexible for cabinet lighting design.
Yes, despite of its small size, our Sprite still has brightness control, which is really flexible for cabinet lighting design.
The term DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and describes the new interface standard for lighting control solutions defined by the lighting industry, which is included in the international standard IEC 62386.
Can Tracron products be used on other tracks?
Yes, AKZU Tracron track lights can fit in different tracks by applying suitable track adaptor. You only need to tell us the currently used track brand and specification, or provide us samples, or even ask for on site testing by our engineers, we can prepare for you the solution suiting your tracks.
Is there any designing data we can use for lighting project?
Is there any designing data we can use for lighting project?
What is the material of Tracron track lights frame?
The frames of Tracron track lights adopt new PC + glass fiber material, which is light but tough, and can rival metallic strength. Especially for shopping malls, hotels and other buildings on the seaside, damp, highly corrosive sea breeze will make lighting fixtures with new iron plate rusting or fade within months. With new plastic material, Tracron track lights are the first choice of the seaside buildings.
Is there any sample lightings for experience?
Yes, we may offer sample lightings for your experience, specific contract or an amount of guarantee money might be needed, please contact us for details.
Is your driver wide voltage input type? Can we use it in U.S. or Japan?
Some of AKZU lighting models are equipped with wide voltage input, 100V-240V, you may use it in U.S. or Japan market. Please send us your specific requirements, we will do our best to satisfy your demands.
Is AKZU lighting safety for application?
All AKZU lightings have verified with CE certificate. All electrical components have basic certification support. Tracron and Sprite museum lightings have verified with RoHS and UL certificate.
Is it possible to avoid glare by using AKZU museum luminaires?
The creative and particular quadruple optical structure of AKZU LED museum lighting maximally collects the beams under the help of high efficiency condenser cup, more precisely controls and treats the light beams, avoids glare and creates more comfortable environment.
How about the CRI of AKZU lighting?
The highest color rendering index would be 100. AKZU museum lights create high uniformity light color with CRI 95+, bring out comfortable light and revivify the original colors faithfully, revealing more colors and details of the exhibits and promoting the displaying effect comprehensively.
How is the heat dissipation of AKZU lighting?
AKZU apply aluminum alloy material with high thermal conductivity, bring perfect heat dissipation performance.
What is museum quality lighting?
The important subjects of museum lighting design are how to provide rich content of the exhibition and create a good visual light environment, and protect the exhibits and reduce radiation damage. AKZU LED museum lighting fixtures apply professional LEDs specially used for museums with excellent lighting efficiency, long life without radiation, provides superior and safe lighting solutions for museums.

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