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Key Technology Trends at Strategies in Light Europe (GALLERY)
Strategies in Light (SIL) Europe will bring together LED lighting supply-chain, end-user, designer, and specifier professionals for a breadth of educational content and exhibits. The event will provide attendees a full picture of the state of the SSL industry; here our experts pick the top 5 trending technology topics that you should be sure to track at SIL Europe.
Philips transfer of its LED component and automotive lighting business Lumileds to Go Scale Capital
The news has been met with mixed responses from the LED community, Taiwanese LED manufacturers have welcomed the news with much cheer, but the blocked acquisition could cost Philips and other Chinese LED manufacturers significantly. LEDinside presents a preliminary analyses of potential outcomes.
Top Three LED Lighting Challenge: Beam Quality
Beam angle is a very coarse way to characterize the shape of a beam. A variety of beam profiles can have the same nominal angle – from bell-shaped to flat-top beams, and beams having any variety of “tails” (see figure). Of course, these yield different perceptions.
Acting on climate change by embracing new lighting technologies
Philips Lighting chief Eric Rondolat has called on international business leaders to act on climate change by embracing new lighting technologies. PLUS: Internet of Things is theme of this year's LuxLive show in London. Lux Today 29 September 2015 presented by Courtney Ferguson.
Samsung’s COB LED Packages with Superior Color Quality
Samsung Electronics has introduced new chip-on-board (COB) LED package lineups with industry-leading color quality, including small LES (light-emitting surface) COB packages, high CRI (color rendering index) COBs, and vivid COBs. The new COB packages, with their outstanding color quality and scaled-down light- emitting space requirements, will provide a major design alternative for LED lighting makers.
Lumileds Launches The LUXEON 3535L Color Line For The Perfect Amount Of Color, Every Time
From the PC Amber used in warm dimming lamps to the Lime used in color-changing bulbs, the LUXEON 3535L Color Line delivers high quality color in a proven, reliable 3.5 x 3.5 mm package.
Lumileds delivers second-generation COB LEDs, 10% efficacy gain
Gen 2 Luxeon COB Core Range LEDs increase performance in the same footprint as the first round of Lumileds COB LEDs, enabling development tradeoffs in performance relative to source size.
Warsaw National Museum preserves art while enhancing mood with tunable lighting
The WNM is the first museum to use LED spotlights with tunable white-point CCT aimed at improving the visual appeal of a diverse array of artwork.
Samsung Introduces Chip-on-Board LED Packages with Small LES and Advanced Color Quality
The new COB packages with their outstanding color quality and scaled-down light emitting space, will provide a major design alternative for LED lighting makers.
DOE recognizes 28 NGL indoor and outdoor solid-state lighting products at LightFair 2015
The 2015 indoor and outdoor luminaire entries were judged based on evolving solid-state lighting technology developments, according to the NGL program’s announcement.
Samsung Outlines Approach for Smart Lighting at LIGHTFAIR International 2015
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., announced today that it will demonstrate for the first time, the company’s new open, secure, and connected platform for smart lighting at LIGHTFAIR International 2015, being held in New York, May 5-7.
Lumileds Enables Most Cost-Effective Single Source, Retrofit And Directional Lamps With The LUXEON CoB Compact Range
Lumileds launches its most cost effective line of chip-on-board (CoB) LED arrays with industry-leading punch and efficacy. The LUXEON CoB Compact Range further strengthens Lumileds’ lead in the CoB category enabling the most cost competitive solutions for PAR, GU10 and MR16 lamps.
Tunable lighting comes to LED-based linear fixtures from Architectural Lighting Works
LED-based light engines are allowing Architectural Lighting Works to offer white-point tuning across a large part of its linear fixture line, while the company has also announced three new linear luminaire families.
Philips to sell majority interest in combined LED components and Automotive lighting business to consortium led by GO Scale Capital
Philips expects to receive
cash proceeds, before tax and transaction related costs, of approximately USD 2.8 billion and
a deferred contingent payment of up to USD 100 million. The transaction is expected to be
completed in the third quarter of 2015, subject to closing conditions, including customary
regulatory approvals.
Lumileds produces LED array in mid-power package for single-LES SSL designs
An array of mid-power LEDs integrated under a 5-mm LES delivers high-power-like performance and is designed to be the sole LED in directional retrofit lamps and luminaires.
Philips Lumileds Recognized as Illumineer of the Year
Lumileds is awarded for innovation and its ability to catalyze an entire segment with its
LUXEON CoB (Chip-on-Board) LED with CrispWhite Technology.
Philips announces 500th licensee to its LED-lighting IP portfolio
LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs Licensing Program provides access to nearly 1400 patents; meanwhile, Philips has licensed LED replacement tube technology from Toggled.
Philips Lighting taps Amy Huntington to lead business in the Americas region
Huntington takes the place of departed Bruno Biasiotta and is tasked with driving sales across lamps, consumer luminaires, and professional luminaires.
LEDs Magazine top 20 stories of 2014: Readers like drivers and controls news and features
Based on reader popularity, articles on controlling LEDs have become more valuable than articles on LEDs and SSL products, although all are represented on our annual list.
AKZU attend the MTP-EXPO
AKZU attend the MTP-EXPO, Xiamen, present marvelous museum lighting performance, attract numerous travellers
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